OnGuard! Sanitizing Mist

🌞A Sanitized Home – made easy! doTERRA came out with a fantastic misting bottle a couple years ago. I bought two and had not found the ideal use for them — they are big!

πŸ€—TaDa!!!! I am making my own alcohol based mister and adding doTERRA OnGuard, Purify and Lemon for additional support.

Now it is easy to spray surfaces, clothing, sheets, blankets, furniture, bathroom fixtures, inside our car, bottom of my shoes, etc. There is no bleach in the mixture so do not worry about harming surfaces.

Directions: Fill bottle with >60% alcohol. Add the following
πŸ’§20 drops OnGuard
πŸ’§10 drops Purify
πŸ’§10 drops Lemon

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