Make-up Removing Balm

How many of you are guilty of not removing your makeup before going to bed? I have an easy, natural solution!
Makeup Remover Balm

What you’ll need:

🌺1 cup Solid Coconut Oil
🌺1 Tbsp cold pressed Virgin Olive Oil
🌺20 drops of your favorite skin essential oil (My favorites are Frankincense, Rose or Lavender)
🌺8 oz glass jar

Easy to make.  In your stand mixer (or a glass bowl and hand mixer), whip the solid coconut oil and essential oil until fluffy. Take the mixture out of the bowl and scrap it into your 8 oz jar and re-solidify if needed.

Easy to use: Take a teaspoon amount of your makeup remover balm and rub it generously all over your face and watch the magic happen. ✨Wipe off with a clean, warm damp cloth.

Now you can move on to cleansing your skin without the raccoon

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