We offer online classes each week to teach you about natural solutions and doTERRA Essential Oils!
These are great classes if you are new to oils or even if you have oils and want to learn more about them.
Join us from the comfort of your own home and see how you can care for your
health and wellness with doTERRA oils and supplements!

Wednesday 7:00 pm – Live Your Most Powerful Life

Are you ready to live your most powerful life? You can achieve Health and Vitality at every age.

This class will teach you how to support your metabolism, energy, and health on a cellular level. Imagine if your metabolism was functioning like it was when you were a teenager or in your early twenties again? What if you had tools that increased your results in combination with eating well and moving your body.
People are having incredible results with these products as they support curbing cravings, getting your metabolism actually functioning as it should, and targeting and reducing fat cells. We will learn about an impressive full system that in combination with healthy lifestyle choices will make you feeling amazing in mind and body.

We will address four points:
— Do you control your metabolism or does your metabolism control you?
— Understand why the world needs a metabolic health awakening!
— Learn about the relationship between health-span, biological aging, and metabolic health.
— Discover the tools you need to slow the signs of biological aging and put more life in your years.

Thursday 7:00 pm – Introduction to Essential Oils

Are you new to essential oils and want to learn how they can part of your personal lifestyle? This class covers the basics of the essential oils and will help you decide how to begin.

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