Our Story

I was introduced to dōTERRA Essential Oils in early 2017 as a therapeutic solution for a physical issue doctors could not correct. The use of dōTERRA essential oils addressed the problem and I no longer suffer. My husband John had major surgery in 2018 and found many of the oils helped relieve his discomfort. We were amazed at the results and began to explore more about natural solutions. We found that the use of plant-based therapies and home uses are ancient, and in fact, were the only solutions available before modern chemistry and pharmacy.

We learned there are many health and wellness applications using dōTERRA Essential Oils and decided to form our business, Choose Wellness Now. Our Mission is to raise awareness and teach about the use of these natural, plant-based 100% pure products as part of a wellness lifestyle. We are proud to represent dōTERRA Essential Oils.